Control of dogs on the estate


N134                                                                                                                                                                                        16 May 2014

Dear Resident / Property Owner.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Estate Management, we forward the following urgent notice:

We are still receiving complaints from numerous Residents about dogs that are being allowed to wonder around the Estate without the supervision of their owner.  Dogs are not allowed on the Estate without a lead.  Please also ensure that your dog(s) is not able to get out of your property.  If a dog is found unsupervised and without a lead on the Estate, a R250-00 fine will be issued.

We all love our children and they are always playing on the Estate so please let us not have a nasty situation where a child is attacked by one of the dogs on the Estate.

There is currently a serious issue with dog “deposits” in the park and other public areas on the estate.  This is an eyesore and an inconvenience for other owners and children playing in the park.

We thus request that when walking your dogs;   you please carry a “poop scoop” or similar means of picking up your doggy “deposits.”   It is highly inconsiderate to expect other residents or our maintenance team to have to clean up after your pet.

We have received numerous reports of excessive barking, and have started a dog complaint log book.  If we receive more than three complaints that are verified by security we will then call Law Enforcement to open a case.

We also include for your perusal, the below extract from the by-laws on ownership of dogs:

The much debated clause on barking remains – i.e. no person shall keep any dog which barks for more than six minutes in any hour or three minutes in any half hour. This is to provide the law enforcement official with an unambiguous and objective yard-stick against which to measure excessive barking. Prior to this the measurement used was totally subjective and very difficult to enforce.

The hotly contested issue regarding the number of dogs permitted per dwelling has been amended as follows:

  • Two dogs and two cats per small dwelling;
  • Three dogs and cats per medium dwelling;
  • Four dogs and cats per large dwelling;
  • Six dogs and cats on agricultural dwelling.

Notwithstanding these restrictions the council will allow residents to apply to keep an increased number of animals so long as the application is supported by an authorised official (e.g. SPCA) amongst other things.

These are some of the highlights of the new animal bylaw:- 

  • A person whose permit to keep a dog has been cancelled or who has previously had a dog removed from his or her care or has a previous criminal conviction or civil judgment against him or her in respect of an animal in his or her care may not keep a dog unless the Council determines otherwise. 

No person:

  • may keep any dog which is starved or under-fed or denied water or adequate shelter;  
  • keep any dog which does not have on its collar or micro-chip a name owner’s telephone number or name of animal welfare organisation; 
  • provoke harass or tease any dog;  
  • may keep a dog if his or her premises are not properly and adequately fenced  (an extremely worthy clause as the inhumane confinement of animals constitutes  a large proportion of animal cruelty cases seen by the SPCA). 

The policy on the Estate has always been one of friendly consideration for your neighbour.

We thank all our residents in advance for their co-operation in this regard.

Dune Ridge Estate Home Owners Association

Kind regards

Mel Loubser

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