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                                                                                          October 2014   


1 November 2014 at 17:00 

It is that time of year again... hope you are all stocked up on treats...

Everyone is invited to join us at 17:00 at Silversand Close (same place as last year) for the start of our annual Halloween Party.

Don't forget your goodwill and donate ... we are collecting for a children's home in Mamre.

Need a House Sitter for December?

Going away for the holidays and need someone to look after your house and/or your animals?  

Give us a call (click on advert for details)

Want to advertise in our newsletter?
Contact us with your information and we will gladly place your advert for you.

Yikes... snakes!

A warning to all residents 

PLEASE keep a look out - the weather is warming up and the snakes are coming out of their hiding places.  

Keep your property clean and make sure that you do not have any litter lying around that these snakes can make into a home.

Our Blog

We have our own private blog.... 

Want to start a discussion - no problem - simply go to the blog - type in the password - that you will get from the webmaster - and start your discussion.

No holiday plans yet??

Start packing for your holiday and let me do the rest...

For hassle free bookings - drop me an email - romy@top5africa.com

Local Newspapers:

(Table Talk & Tyger Berger)

You can pick up your free copy at the guards house every Thursday.

Our Little Owen

Owen is doing well and has gone from strength to strength - once again thank you all for your generosity.

Owen is returning the favour by helping others.

He recently went to N1 City Hospital to deliver a birthday present to a sick

little boy who was spending his birthday in hospital.

We are proud of this little champ.

Save the Date

Our Christmas Party will be held on the 6 December 2014.

It promises to be the best Christmas Party we have had yet.

For catering purposes - Please send us an email to let us know if you will be attending this year.

Residents Advertising

Need a professional website developed?

Drop the company Bay to Bay an email and setup a meeting - you will not be sorry.

If you are a resident, you can advertise your business FREE in our newsletter as well as our website. 

Send your details to webmaster and we will arrange your FREE advertising for you.

Incident Reports

You will have noticed that our 'incident' reports have not been updated for quite sometime.  We have had no feedback from the Tableview Watch, but we are waiting a response to see if they are still sending these reports out.  

We will keep you updated.


Put-Put Course:- We had a favorable response with regards to this. 

We are still investigating and as you can imagine there are quite a few obstacles that we have to iron out first.  We will give you feedback as soon as a decision has been made.

LED light Bulbs:- These are all installed and working  - we are waiting for our new electricity bill and will let you know what saving we have achieved.

Builder's Shut-down

Please remember that the builders will not have access to our estate from the 12th December 2014 until the 12th January 2015.

Emergency Contacts:

Security: (021) 554 2704

Manager: 084 523 5655




Dune Ridge Estate

Big Bay


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