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Easter Egg Hunt

Wow... we had so much fun this year again...

With 4 hidden Golden Bunnies to find... the kids had their hiding skills on high alert.  Our 4 winners were very excited with their prizes!

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The main entrance to the estate will be getting some more colour - we will be planting Bokby Vygies soon.

The entrance circle will also be getting an upgrade - keep your eyes peeled


No incidents to report this month - thank goodness - and thanks to Barry and the Security team.  Keep informed with other security issues in and around your area

view the incidents reports on our website

NEW Website Design

Check out our new improved website.

Local Newspapers:

You can pick up your free copy at the guards house every Wednesday.


Guard House - with a new coat of paint and some tiling the entrance is looking great.

Speed Bumps - Barry has had speed humps installed in Hummock Circle and these seem to be working well.

Changing Light Bulbs - We are currently in the process of replacing all the light globes currently being used in our street lights.  This will cut down our electrical bill substantially.

Borehole - Is working 100 percent.  We are installing piping that will be used to irrigate the last park in our estate.  The borehole has benefited our parks tremendously, as you can see by the green lawns and the flourishing plants.

Residents Advertising

Ernie's Golf Cottages - Hermanus

2 Cosy self-catering cottages, each with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (sleeps 4-6 per cottage)

Fully equipped kitchen and private entertainment area, secure parking.

Gardening Tips

It is that time of the year again to prepare your garden for the winter months.  Have a look and see what tips our garden experts have for you.


Emergency Contacts:

Security: (021) 554 2704

Manager: 084 523 5655




Dune Ridge Estate

Big Bay


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