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                                                                                          March 2015   

Street Braai

Our first Estate Street Braai and hopefully many more will follow.

Everyone on the estate is welcome.... 

The theme is 'mad hatter' so wear your hat and you could win a prize.

Map of location.

Have you seen these cars?

If like me you have seen quite a few of the above cars in our estate - you can relax there is no security breach or threat, on the contrary we are so covered it is unbelievable.

They have started a new Armed Response for the Big Bay area and will use Dune Ridge as their base.  

So the response to the residents will be minutes and the added benefits are great, all their officers are:

> Fully trained swat members 

> Trained in snake catching 

> Assist with tools to jump cars with flat batteries

> Some are fully trained paramedics.


For allowing them to use our control room as a base they are giving the free armed response to our security guards with constant patrols on the Estate.

So rest assured everyone...we are in excellent hands.

Local Newspapers:

(Table Talk & Tyger Berger)

You can pick up your free copy at the guards house every Thursday.

Save the Date - Easter Egg Hunt

This year promises to top all our Easter Egg Hunts.

We have loads of prizes that need to be won and tons of eggs that need to be found.... save this date.

Easter Colouring Compitition

Pam Golding will be having a colouring in competition for all Dune Ridge Estate children from the ages of 4 - 12 years.

Please collect your form from security if you have not received your copy in your postbox.

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Emergency Contacts:

Security: (021) 554 2704

Manager: 084 523 5655




Dune Ridge Estate

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