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                                                                                          April 2015    


Dune Ridge Facebook Page

You will all have received an email from the webmaster with a link to our new Dune Ridge Facebook Page.

You can see all upcoming events, pictures and other notices from this page.  

Feel free to browse and add your bit too..

Local Newspapers:

(Table Talk & Tyger Berger)

You can pick up your free copy at the guards house every Thursday.

Colouring in Competition

Thank you to Pam Golding for sponsoring the colouring-in competition... 

The prizes were boxes filled with delicious Easter Eggs.. no entrant went off empty handed.

Thank you Melody from Pam Golding.

Easter Egg Goodie Bags

Thank you to Complete Coast for donating the contents for the kid's goodie bags... 

Every child received a packet of chips, juice and two Easter eggs each... 

Marshmallow eggs for the toddler park hunt were also donated ...Thank you Julia from Complete Coast.

Our New Tree

Wow... what a major difference our new tree has done to our entrance.

Well done to Barry and his team for all their hard work in getting this beautiful Coral Tree planted.

The circle has not yet been completed... the plants around the base of the tree will be replaced and lights will be placed at the base of the tree.... cannot wait to see this project complete... well done guys!

Advertise your house

All residents can advertise their house on our website for free whether it be for sale or rent.

Please supply us with all documentation and photos of your house (this services is NOT included in the FREE advertising)

Want to advertise in our newsletter?
Contact us with your information and we will gladly place your advert for you.

Mad Hatter Street Braai

Even though only a few families came out for our 1st Street Braai, fun was had by all.

A special thanks to Paul from Seeff who graciously donated a box of red wine for the person who wore the best hat.... 

We had so many great hats that the wine was shared and everyone received a bottle of wine which was thoroughly enjoyed.. thanks Paul from Seeff.

We will be having another street braai in the near futute, hope to see you there.

Easter Egg Hunt

This year we had about 40 children attend our Easter Egg Hunt, they all had loads of eggs to find.

Congratulations to the older kids, who found the red Easter eggs... hope you enjoyed your free Spur meal.. 

Thank you all for joining our annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

Check out our pictures

See you next year.

Entrance Verge

Well done to Pietie from KnP services and his crew for updating our entrance verges.

They planted num-num plants, which once grown will be pruned into hedges and wild garlic plants as well as bok-baai vygies for their stunning colour... 

Once these plants take they will look stunning and frame our entrance beautifully. 

Emergency Contacts:

Security: (021) 554 2704

Manager: 084 523 5655




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