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November 2015


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Dune Ridge Resident's Christmas Party

Diarise Saturday, 5th December 2015 and RSVP to Barry the number of adults and children attending!

This year promises to once again delight the children with a Fun Fair theme of activities and surprises galore!

Big kids please join in for the Spit Braai dinner and socialise with your neighbours and friends and get into the Festive Spirit!

Advertise your house

All residents can advertise their house on our website for free whether it be for sale or rent.

Please supply us with all documentation and photos of your house (this services is NOT included in the FREE advertising)

Words of Thanks

Dear Dune Ridge Residents,

We at TLC Outreach would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the sweetie treats and donations of toys.

We are most grateful.

We managed to hand them all out and share amongst the 320 children we see weekly.

To all a special Thank you.

The sugar rush kept us busy, but what a treat.

All our blessings

Colleen Pietersen info@tlcprojects.org.za

Construction Shut Down

Our Estate will close to all construction and deliveries from Friday, 11th December 2015 to Monday, 11th January 2016

Boundary Wall Collapse

Did you Know? 

Our boundary wall fell over in October and required 640 cubes of sand to secure the dune.

Next project is to build retaining walls to stop the dunes from moving.  We’re on it!

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Contact us with your information and we will gladly place your advert for you.

Halloween Fun 2015

Much fun was had by our Estate children and parents alike on Saturday, 31st October in celebration of the annual Halloween tradition!

Thank you  parents for all the artistic flair shown in the outfits and for supporting the occasion!

Thank you  Barry and team for the set up, braaing of boerrie rolls and fabulous organisation!

Thank you  Melody and team from Pam Golding Estates for your generous donations of candy and prizes for the best dressed!

Thank you  to all who so generously donated goods for the TLC Project –  The children from the Home and the support team have expressed their gratitude and joy on receiving two bakkie loads of goods in the attached note of thanks!

Oh Shucks! It's Snake Season!

Be on the alert for visitors of the reptile kind.

At this time of year, snakes have come out of hibernation and the heat is luring them closer to our front doors!

Barry recently removed a Cape Cobra from a resident’s bedroom and caught this Boomslang too.

Fact: Cape Cobras are nervous snakes; they will only bite when provoked. 

If you come across one, keep still or walk away slowly; the snake will move off once it feels the threat has passed.

Emergency Contacts:

Security: (021) 554 2704

Manager: 084 523 5655




Dune Ridge Estate

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