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July 2014                                                                                                                         FB   

Put-put course in our Estate

We are thinking about designing a 9 Hole put-put course in our Estate (2nd Park - where we had the Easter Hunt this year)

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Incident Reports

Keep informed of what is happening in and around your neighbourhood.

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Local Newspapers:

(TableTalk & TygerBerger)

You can pick up your free copy at the guards house every Wednesday.

Invest in our Estate

You can easily make your property price increase by doing a few easy thing.

*  Keep your verge neat and clean

*  Adhere to the building regulations

*  Check that you have the correct plants - click for plant list

If we all keep our property neat and tidy our property in the Estate can only increase and we will all benefit.

Welcome LED Lights

Next week Barry and his team will start replacing all our street light to LED lights.

This means that we will be moving from 250W to 15W per street light.  This will make a substantial saving in our electricity bill, not to mention the 'green' factor.

The light fitting will also get a facelift with a new lick of paint.

Emergency Contacts:

Security: (021) 554 2704

Manager: 084 523 5655




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